Best Dog Food For Liver Diseases

You must consider the diet of your dogs if they have diseases in the liver. It’s a great and vital tool to treat them. When you’ll change their foods, it’ll help them regenerating their liver. Moreover, these foods are the best way to maintain your dogs’ nutrition.

You can feed your dogs with a raw or homemade diet when they have minor issues with their liver. But, don’t forget to give them a lower amount of fat. It’s because among many other functions, breaking down the fat is the main task. However, a liver with diseases should struggle with doing this job if there are many fatty foods.

Besides, overall liver health widely depends on a large amount of protein. So, if you feed them a little amount or bad quality protein, it may damage their livers. That’s why you should know about and look for better protein-enriched foods for your dogs with liver issues.

For better wellness of your dogs, you should fee them animal-based protein that comes with the right percentage of amino acids. Alternatively, when it comes to the plant’s proteins, they help your pet’s repairing of organ and health. It means that there are no better ways to find out the best dog’s food brand.

In this case, you’ll get suggestion form your dogs which food they like to eat. So, while choosing a dog’s food for yours one, consider reading the label that informs about the ingredients and if it’s suitable for dogs with liver disorders.

So, we’re going to discuss some essential topics regarding liver diseases and the top brands of dog’s food. As a result, it’ll be easy for you to choose the right one for your four-legged pet.

What You Should Know About Dogs’ Liver Diseases

The condition very regularly happens to the dogs, but it may be a big reason for their death. As you know, like the human’s ones, dog’s livers also work for toxins and waste removal. Moreover, livers are responsible for the production of bile for the digestive system of your dogs.

That’s why if they remain untreated and compromised, dogs get a higher number of wastes. And these wastes become toxins in their bodies in the long run. Also, it refers that the issue spreads over all parts of the body including their heart and brain as well.

How To Understand Your Dogs Suffer From Liver Issues

Your dogs may go through the health condition of liver issue like other diseases of their health. Also, the issues come with some signs that are not tough to understand if you know them.

These include loss of appetite, depression, fatigue, weakness, weight loss, vomiting, and stomach pain. If you find some of these signs, you must talk to an expert vet to checkup to find out the real issue.
Essential Foods For Dogs With Liver Diseases
We have said already that making changes in your dog’s food in extremely vital while they have the issues of their liver. If you like to do the task, you should take some particular steps. Also, you have to change the regular eating routine.

Moreover, you should talk to a vet to catch what your dog needs above all. Of course, you can get the best solution in this issue from an expert veterinarian. They’ll understand which foods are suitable for your dogs among homemade and prepaid ones.

Dog Food’s Characteristics in Liver Issues

It’s common you’ll look for know which food is suitable for your dogs when they suffer from liver issues. Also, you should know what ingredients are vital for them in this situation. So, let’s know the features of the foods that are perfect for the dogs that suffer from liver diseases.


When you have found liver diseases in your dog’s liver, you should monitor the intake of their protein. That means you should always feed them proteins that are high in quality instead of poor ones. You’ll find there some protein that comes from some sources of without animal meat.

Consider providing protein with a large number of amino acids that are helpful for their digestion. Also, there are plant-based sources of the best proteins. But, don’t forget that you should feed them a lower quantity of protein so they can control the issue of their liver.


You’ll find a higher level of copper existence in some meat-based proteins. As a result, you must be cautious while buying foods for your dogs when they have diseases in their livers. So, you should avoid feeding meat-based protein, especially you should avoid the meat of the organ and liver.

Also, if you choose meats from pork, duck, lamb, and salmon, you’ll find there a higher amount of copper. But, when you look for lower levels of copper, you can think about chicken, cheese, whitefish, eggs, and turkey.


When you choose a dog food with a higher percentage of fat, your dogs can catch by the liver problems. As a result, you should give your dogs up to 50 percent of fatty foods to control their fat levels and liver issues.


It’s an important factor to consider when it comes to the digestion of your dogs. That’s why you’ll have to add essential fiber to your dog foods and remove ammonia simultaneously. While looking for carbohydrates, you’ll find them in white rice, pasta, and oatmeal.


You’ll have to consider giving your dogs diet with lower levels of salt (Sodium Chloride, NaCl). This fluid prevents the abdomen’s flow to increase its body functionalities.

But, you’ll have to consider feeding them some other best type of supplements. These include B vitamins along with other vitamins like E/C/K, Zinc.

Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Liver Disease

Hill’s Prescription Diet l/d Liver Care Original Canned Dog Food

Not just for the human body, the liver is also very significant body part of your dogs. It has different types of functionalities. This dog food comes with cans that are great for your dogs if they’re suffering from liver complications. Also, it supports the liver health of your dogs.

This food has been formulated with vitamins, lower sodium levels, and easy-to-digest protein. Also, there are no additional supplements, so you can choose it for your dogs. The food has been designed at the way that can make lower of the liver’s workload. This way, the liver tissue of your dogs will regenerate.

Moreover, you’ll be able to handle their metabolism of fat in the normal state. However, you don’t need to think about nutrient as the food has been added them inside. It’s because the dogs will suffer from some issues in their livers when they don’t get enough nutrients.

Also, they boost the immune system of your dog. As the biggest part of a dog, it does a lot of tasks for their body. These include nutrients conversation and the digestion along with toxic and waste removal from their blood.

Royal Canin Canine Hepatic Dry Dog Food

If you’re in search of dog foods that are lower in sodium and copper then this one is for you. This food has a higher amount of vitamin B and zinc that are good for the digestion of your dog. It’s because you’ll find their fiber in this food and it has no added meat-protein.

Indeed, this food has added protein that comes from vegetable sources. All versions of this producer are great and advantageous, but this one has been designed particularly in much sort feel. Also, this food supports the function of your dog’s liver as it has been made with total nutrition.

Moreover, it comes with a wide quantity of different ingredients that have been chosen particularly for your dogs if they have an issue with their livers. Also, they’ll not just stay happy; they also will remain healthy if you feed this food.

While coming with no-meat protein sources, it has been packed with all necessary nutrients. As a result, it’ll help to improve the digest system of your dogs. Apart from the availability of sufficient vitamins plus minerals, it has the lowest levels of copper that will prevent the disease of copper storage.

Wilderness Blue Buffalo Adult Dry Dog Food

When you have dogs with liver disorders, this is the best food for them. It has been made with a lot of natural things that are essential for your dogs. The protein source of this food is the real animal meat. You’ll not find grains in this food, but you’ll find various vitamins plus minerals.

If you choose this food, you’ll be able to feed your dogs with vital proteins that need them. They come from turkey meal, chicken meal and de-boned chicken. Moreover, it offers carbohydrates that that has been sourced from potatoes, sweet potatoes, and peas. Also, there is a different type of antioxidants.

Apart from important vitamins, the food contains phosphorus and calcium that build their teeth and bones stronger. Its glucosamine keeps in the general mobility and joint’s function well. This food has Omega-3 fatty-acid that makes the coat of your dog’s skin well and fur shiny.

You know, this food has some carbohydrates and proteins that will help your dogs to meet the need of their energy. As a result, they’ll get a fit and well lifestyle.

Another best thing is that the food has no added preservatives or any artificial colors or tastes. So, you can control the liver issue of your dogs while feeding them this food.

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Organic Dog Food

It’s said that if you eat healthily you’ll feel healthy. This thing is the same for your dogs as well. That’s why food links many issues like scratching, itching, disordered tummies, and more. So, if you find any issue with your dogs then simply switch to this renowned brand and you’ll find your issues have been solved.

The manufacturer makes this food with some simple things. In fact, the recipe for this food has been made with some very vital ingredients. These include protein from chicken, Zinc, and vitamin E. but, you’ll not find some must-avoidable things like sodium that’s vital for your dogs with liver issues.

As the food has formulated with turkey meat, you can ensure feeding your dogs with the highest nutrition. Also, you can feed both types of dogs, adults, and puppies along with any of their sizes. Also, the food has been made without using any added preservatives or any other artificial things.

That means this is the type of food that’s completely natural and has been made with ingredients of the human grade. Also, the ingredients that have been used in this food are the USA made. So, this product is for your dogs while looking for naturally safe and healthy food.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

If you choose this food for your dogs, you’ll get the food with vitamin-rich and full of minerals. You’ll be able to give a great tasty bite on your smaller hairy buddy. It’s because the food has been formulated with a higher amount of proteins that are free of grain along with coated kibble that has been dried in the freeze.

When you’ll supply this food to your dogs, they’ll get all-natural things with proper nutrition. As the food has the right size of kibble, you’re also able to feed your little ally.

Also, it has been made with the right levels of ingredients like calories, fats, and proteins. Moreover, it’s rich of fatty-acids that’s very essential to make shine of your pet’s coat and skin. But, you’ll find a lower level of sodium and copper those are needed for your pets.


At the end of the guide, we repeat again that you should read the label of the container before purchase. It’s because if you fail to choose the right type of food then it’ll be tough to digest for your dogs with liver issues.

Also, we recommend talking a veterinarian before making any purchase if you have dogs with liver problems. You’ll get the best help from them for the right instructions. Besides, if you buy any one of the above-said lists, they’ll work for your dogs as well.