Best Dog Food For Kidney Disease

Like human health issue, dogs also have different diseases. Likewise, kidney disease is another big one for the dogs where you’ll definitely consider lost.

Indeed, the issue is somewhat often found in many dogs. Even if you have a puppy with its early life stage, that can face this disease while having a joyful life.

You’ll have to provide the right diet to your dogs so that they can stay healthier. The right diet not just keep them healthy, it can reduce the chances to catch by kidney disease. If you select the proper food for your dogs, it’ll manage the possible signs of this disease.

Besides, it’s not very simple to take back your dogs in the right way without good planning. So, you’ll have to make and follow some good practices through food will make things easier to put in place. Also, you’ll not find any other better ways to improve the kidney issue of your dogs’ treatment plan.

It’s because when you take your dogs to the veterinarians, they can handle easily other health problems. For example, it’s not difficult to manage higher blood pressure applying for medicine. But, they don’t have enough medication choices when it comes to the kidney disease of the dogs.

So, you have to think about the different way and feeding your dogs the right food is the better option.

Dog Food’s Characteristics in Kidney Issues

Usually, it depends on the diseases of your dogs to determine which one is the ideal choice for them. But, avoid giving them the diet with low-protein as it may result in muscle loss.

In this issue, certain food is essential at the beginning and you should think about some definitely prescribed foods.


Think the lower amount of protein in the diet for adult dogs. But, veterinarians suggest feeding a little bit of a higher amount of protein in near the beginning stages of your dogs. But, if they suffer from kidney diseases, you should give them a lower amount of protein.

Also, when you’ll buy foods, you should check the amount of protein. Always choose the one that has been recommended by your veterinarian.

Moreover, your dogs can digest high-quality protein easily and large in the amount that produces less squander for their kidneys to work with.


Likewise human beings, your dogs also need plenty of water if they have issues with kidney. This is also a big reason that you buy the dog foods that come in the cans. It’s because dog foods can contain somewhat more liquid and water that’s very essential for your dogs.

Also, you have options to mix dog foods with another wet foodstuff if you like it. This will make your dogs able to get more water in their foods. But, consuming a lot of water is very crucial as it prevents dehydration. So, ensure them getting enough clean and fresh water with and without food.

Sodium & Phosphorus

Approximately, 60% to 90% of dogs with kidney problem suffer from higher blood pressure as well. It’s vital to feed your dogs a low-sodium diet as it relates with higher blood pressure. Also, this is the same for the phosphorus because of its higher amount the hyperphosphatemia.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Studies recommend omega-3, among the fatty acids, likely to be useful for your dogs when they suffer from kidney diseases. It’s because it comes from a type of sea fish oil like menhaden oil. As it increases the activity of the free radical, it helps to decrease your dogs’ inflammation.

Also, this fatty acid helps to lower the kidney structure’s pressure and enhance the waste removal of protein. As a result, it improves the functionality of the dogs.

So, ensure by talking with the veterinarian that you’re providing the right food for your dogs with enough amount of omega-3-fatty-acids.

Why Kidney Dog Foods are Essential

This might be a great issue of thinking if you should look for the dog foods that have been made. Or, you should prepare them for your dogs on your own. When you’ll make them in your personal kitchen, it’s a matter of great control over the stuff.

Making foods for your dogs is somehow a great option as you know what they exactly like to eat. But, you’ll also find some commercial foods for your dogs that work. No matter which foods you give your dogs, you should ensure that they contain necessary nutrients.

Especially, they need foods with high-quality stuff of protein when they suffer from kidney diseases. Also, consider giving them a lower amount of sodium and phosphorus along with enough amount of omega-3 fatty acids. These include veggies, the best quality meat, and fishes like sardines and flax.

Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Kidney Disease

Blue Natural Veterinary Diet KS Kidney Support

This food is for your dogs if they’re fond of eating dry foods. Also, this food had a lower amount of sodium, phosphorus, and protein, but full of necessary micronutrients. As a result, this food is friendly for their digestive system. So, this is a great option for you when taste and safety matter you more.

As it has been said that it has a lower amount of protein, it’s just 14% of the whole content. Also, the source of the protein is the best quality animal. These include chicken, potatoes, peas, veggies, and sweet protein.

Moreover, it comes with flaxseed so that it can meet the need for essential fatty acids like omega-3 plus 6. Also, you’ll get all vital vitamins besides to essential minerals in the pack. These all have made the food perfect for your dogs with normal and problematic kidneys.

Also, the formula of the food has made with no grain that has minerals in controlled levels to maintain their kidney health. Plus, there are some essential nutrients that support the usual body and health condition. These include L-carnitine and antioxidants.

Among other major benefits, the food has been made without grains as many people don’t like it. This formula also works great for your dogs while having their sensitive stomachs. So, if you choose this food for your dogs, you don’t need to look for other brands.

Hill’s Diet 7+ Beef & Barley Entrée Dog Food

While you’re in search of the food for your dogs that come with the protein of moist-low level, take this one. It’s great for the health of your dogs that also the best option for your dogs with kidney problem. It’s because the food has been prepared with ingredients that all has been chosen from high-quality stuff.

This is a canned item of dog’s food that has been listed the water as its primary ingredient. Water is very vital for your dogs if they’re suffering from kidney diseases. Also, you’ll find the real beef along with barley and corn with whole grain to maintain better health.

Besides, there is just 4% of the protein in this food that has been selected from the high-quality animal source. For example, the sources are like beef, corn, pork liver, whey, and fish. Also, you’ll get all the vital vitamins plus minerals that will meet the need of your dogs.

For better muscle mass and mobility, this dog’s food comes with valuable nutrients in the balanced amount. Also, the formula of the food contains the best quality protein that helps to maintain lean muscle. As a result, it’ll promote strong vital organ with the perfect body weight.

You’ll find no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors in this food. It’s just a healthy meal that has been recommended dogs that are more than 7 years old.

Royal Canin Health Nutrition Mature 8+ Canned Food

When you know you’re dogs are with kidney disease, you must avoid giving them a higher total of protein foods. Instead, choose wet foods and avoid dry foods in wide number for them. It’s because wet foods contain more water than dry foods and your dogs need water more in this condition.

So, this brand is for you as many dog owners like to feed their dogs this food. This food is not just suitable for dogs with kidney diseases, it’s budget-friendly as well. It comes with a lower quantity of phosphorus that helps your dogs to keep their kidney and health functionalities normal.

As it’s said already the food has a large amount of water, this is the first ingredient of the formula. Its low-level of protein comes from the chicken. Since there is some good amount of corn, fish oil, rice, and beef in this food, it provides not just healthy skin, it also makes the coat shiny.

Also, the food has been packed with essential vitamins along with minerals. As a result, it’s a complete package of nutrients that your dogs need accordingly. Besides, this special food for 8+ years is very tasty so your puppies will not feel bored even if you give them it every day.

Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets NF Kidney Function

It’s a type of dry food for your dogs and they’ll love it more than wet ones. Also, the food has been made with the perfect total of protein plus phosphorus. So, it’s a great option to choose this food help surviving the kidney issues in your dogs. It provides essential and the best nutrition as well.

Unlike the other dog’s foods, this one has made with protein sources that are not based on meat. Also, it comes with whole grains like corn, rice, eggs, and dried whey. You’ll be able to provide an essential amount of fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. They’re good for your dogs’ health.

Moreover, this formula also provides vitamins plus minerals to your dogs. As a result, you can feed your dogs’ complete nutrition with their essential nutrients. Also, if you like to use with other wet foods for your dogs, you can add this food with them.

Like other top brands, this food has been formulated with a lower amount of protein, sodium, and phosphorus. That’s why; it helps you making subside the issues of your dogs’ kidneys and make them feel well. So, when you need special food for your dogs, it’ll offer a nutritional diet with all its nutrients.

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Aging 12+ Dry Dog Food

If you have dogs with kidney diseases, you should choose foods for your dogs that have a high amount of fat, but a low amount of protein. Also, the foods are a great source of rich-levels of energy for your dogs. It has formulated for dogs with kidney disease to improve their functionality.

As the food has made with pork fat, brewer rice, barley, and whole grain, it’s very tasty. That’s why the food is as simple to digest as healthy for your dogs. Also, it has fatty acids (mainly omega-3) as well as fish oil that are other great things to keep your dogs energetic and fit.

Besides, your dogs will get some other more nutrition that offers them a regular balanced diet. All the ingredients have been added in this formula will work for the dogs with kidney issues. So, it’s an ideal food for the great caring option of your dogs’ kidneys with lower levels of phosphorus and sodium.

To maintain a healthy bladder of your dogs, this food works great. It’s because the food prevents and breaks the mineral that gathers in the bladder. As a result, it maintains the issue of the discomfort of your dogs.

Also, the food has been formulated to work for the urinary and bladder system. So, it’s great for your dogs to keep them healthy and free of diseases.


From the above discussion, now you know what kidney diseases are and which foods you should feed your dogs when they suffer from these issues. Also, you have found a list of wet and dry foods for your dogs. These are the top food brands while looking for dog foods.

These foods have been formulated at the way that you can even mix with regular food. As a result, it’ll reduce the cost of feeding your four-legged friend. But, one thing is very crucial for your pet with kidney issues that provide them an adequate amount of water.