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Nutritionists Who Go Beyond the Bag

Kari Liu

“As a nutritionist for Natura, I’m part of a team on the cutting edge of pet nutrition. We pride ourselves on developing products that are forward-thinking but firmly rooted in our long-standing nutritional philosophy. That’s the way to truly make a difference in the lives of pets.” – Kari Liu

Kari Liu is Natura’s Senior Nutritionist and was the company’s first nutritionist on staff. Kari joined Natura after earning a master’s degree in comparative nutrition at the University of Illinois. She has assumed a major role in various research and technical development projects, and has either formulated or contributed to the development of every Natura product currently in market. Her team is comprised of companion animal veterinarians, food scientists and a board certified veterinary nutritionist, all of whom work to enhance product performance and the health and vitality of pets.

Nutritionists Who Go Beyond the Bag

Sally Perea

“My role as a Principle Nutritionist at Natura allows me to glimpse the forefront of companion animal nutrition. It is my team’s responsibility to ensure that Natura products provide not only sustenance for your animal, but also the nutritional benefits that will help your pet lead a life of optimum health.” – Sally Perea

Dr. Sally Perea has dedicated her career to the advancement of pet nutrition. After earning a bachelor’s degree in animal science, a master’s degree in nutrition and a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine from the University of California, Davis, Dr. Perea spent time at UCD as an associate veterinarian and assistant clinical professor. Her expertise in companion animal nutrition led to a position with a consulting firm renowned for developing all-in-one supplements used to bolster homemade pet foods. In 2006, Dr. Perea earned the highly selective, small animal Diplomate status through the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. She is one of approximately 80 such designees worldwide. Her distinguished career was capped when she joined Natura in 2008.

Research & Development Goes Beyond the Bag

Russ Logue

“Innovation is an integral part of Natura. Through advanced nutritional research, we’re continuously adding healthful products to our portfolio that meet complex nutritional needs.”
– Russ Logue

By overseeing the Natura innovation program and pipeline, Russ Logue, Associate Director of the Natura Pet Products Research and Development (R&D) team, helps to guide the future of natural pet nutrition by developing new products that anticipate pet owners’ needs. Russ’s leadership on Natura’s R&D team is supported by both his technical expertise and his love of pets. Russ received his BS in chemical engineering from the University of Dayton and owns a two-year-old Boston terrier named Ace. Like all Natura employees, Russ is committed to improving pet health through cutting-edge nutrition.

Research & Development Goes Beyond the Bag

Nathaniel Cook, DVM – Technical Services Veterinarian

“The human-animal bond is incredibly important, and I'm interested in the ways proper nutrition can enhance it. The evolving lifestyles of dogs and cats and our growing understanding of animal nutrition have necessitated major changes in the way we feed our pets. With the ability to formulate and offer new and innovative diets, as well as our commitment to apply the most current and innovative nutrition research, I believe we can help to improve the lives of more dogs and cats.”
– Nathaniel Cook

Dr. Cook has always been interested in animals, but he was unable to have pets of his own until he was an adult. Because of this, he never passed up an opportunity to spend time with friends’ animal companions. His goal of becoming a veterinarian was solidified during his high school years, when he began working in local animal hospitals. Dr. Cook received a BS in biology from Davidson College in 2000. While undertaking graduate studies at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Cook was able to further his studies in animal nutrition through a student internship program. Upon graduating as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2004, he entered practice as an associate veterinarian in general practice and emergency/critical care hospitals, where he continued to develop his interest in clinical nutritional therapy for healthy maintenance and treatment of specific medical conditions. Dr. Cook joined Natura as a Technical Services Veterinarian in October 2011. He resides in Chicago with his three rescue dogs, Charlie, Frenchie and Butch.

Research & Development Goes Beyond the Bag

Lisa Schole, MS - Technical Services Organization Leader

“My role means that I contribute to nearly every step of Natura's product innovation. From formulating to feeding, I'm helping to improve millions of pets' lives. I take pride in this pursuit and in Natura's continuing dedication to the same mission.”
– Lisa Schole

Lisa Schole is the Technical Services Organization Leader at Natura Pet Products. She holds a BS in animal science and an MS in animal nutrition, both from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Her education prepared her for work in Fremont, Nebraska, where she has been overseeing many aspects of Natura’s research and development since 2008. Lisa’s important role serves as testimony to Natura’s unwavering dedication to innovation with integrity.

Our Commitment to Innovation

At Natura, our organization is on a constant quest to make the healthiest pet food in the world. We feel this is our responsibility to consumers, distributors and retailers—but most importantly, to pets. That’s why we invest heavily in research, science and food testing to remain on the cutting edge of nutritional knowledge and animal health.

At Natura we believe that innovative product development can truly enhance your pet’s well-being, which is why we conduct all product formulation work in-house. By owning our formulation capabilities and employing highly qualified animal nutritionists, we lead the way in innovation while ensuring quality across the entire process.

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